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Holiday Cat Care in Wilmington, Delaware

As you are planning your holiday festivities, are you thinking about who will take care of your cat? There are many great options for holiday cat care in Wilmington, Delaware, but many pet owners opt for cat sitting services in their own home. There are many health benefits for your cat when they can remain at home under the care of a professional pet sitter.

Guilt-free Holiday Travel While Your Cat Remains at Home

Many pet owners feel a twinge of guilt when they drop off a beloved cat for boarding. If your cat has special needs, a feisty personality --or perhaps is a more anxious kitty-- boarding may not be an ideal option. Consider leaving your cat home in the care of a professional cat sitting service such as Kitten Sittin' of Delaware.

A professional cat sitter will make sure that your kitty receives the love and care it needs while you are away from home. You can relax and rest assured that your cat will maintain its normal daily routine without the stress that can result from being boarded with many other cats.

Cat Home Alone: No More Mess When You Return from Holiday Travel

If you already leave your cat home when you travel, but have come home to horrendous kitty litter odor, broken trinkets about the house, soiled carpets or other "CATastrophies", then hiring a cat sitter is an ideal solution for your upcoming holiday.

Why Hire a Professional Cat Sitter?

  • Keep your cat's daily feeding routine

  • Ensure your cat is given any medications or other special care on schedule

  • Personalized attention to your cat's behavior and wellbeing

  • Daily change to the kitty litter

  • Fresh water and food

  • No exposure to other cats or critters that may upset your cat

  • No extra day charges for holiday boarding

  • No extra stops on the way home from your trip

  • Peace of mind for you

Your cat will be waiting for you when you get home, safe and stress free!

Your Trusted Cat Sitting Partner in Greater Wilmington

When you partner with Kitten Sittin' of Delaware for your holiday cat care needs, you are guaranteed top-quality, professional cat sitters with a personal touch. All of our team members are direct hires, not independent contractors. Our team members support one another so if your assigned cat sitter becomes ill, we have someone ready and able to care for your cat--no missed days and no sick employees entering your home. We also provide on-going training for our team. Email us, today, to schedule 'white-glove' cat sitting for your kitty.

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