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How Old Must a Cat be For Spaying?

Many people know there are health benefits to spaying a cat, but do you know the best age for spaying a cat? Let's find out!

It is ideal to spay your cat as early in life as possible. Also known as "getting fixed," the national campaign Feline Fix by Five advocates for a cat to be spayed as early in life as possible--ideally, by the age of five months.

Why Spay Your Cat by 5 Months of Age?

Since cats can get pregnant at five months of age, number of national veterinary associations including the Veterinary Task Force on Feline Sterilization wanted to set a standard for pet owners. Spaying by five months of age prevents the birth of unwanted litters of kittens, thereby reducing the likelihood of kittens being abandoned to the streets or to animal shelters.

There is no harm to cats that are spayed. In fact, spaying protects cats from potentially fatal infections, reproductive system cancers, and behavioral issues that stem from being in heat.

If your cat is older--spaying still has benefits, as we discussed in a previous blog post: Spayed cats have fewer risks for serious health and behavior problems even if spayed after the age of five months.

How Much Will It Cost to Spay My Cat?

Spaying your cat can cost as little as $20 and sometimes you can find a free spay/neuter clinic. To find the spay program in Delaware that is most affordable for you, please visit:

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