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Have your four-legged best friend attend one of the most important days of your life!

Let us make your day perfect by providing a Wedding Attendant for you special day.

We'll start with a free consultation where we'll meet your pet(s) and go over your vision of the big day. We can coordinate with your wedding planner (if applicable).  

In the days leading up to the wedding we'll come visit your dog and go for walks so there is a high comfort level on both sides.

If your dog is participating in the ceremony, we'll transport to the rehearsal, stay throughout, and transport home.  We'll work with your wedding planner for specific details pertaining to the ceremony.


We'll pick up your dog at the appointed time from a location of your choosing.  We can transport to an appointment at the groomer's or we can brush and dress at our home. 

We'll transport your dog to the wedding venue.

We'll take a nice walk prior to the event so your dog is nice and calm for pictures.

We'll have plenty of water, treats, and toys to keep your dog from getting bored.

We'll help with poses during the wedding pictures.

After the event, we'll transport your dog to an agreed upon location or we can keep your dog the rest of the day so you can celebrate and not worry.

We can board your dog while you are on your honeymoon.

This is YOUR day!!  We can accommodate most requests to help you make it PERFECT!


Pre-wedding consultations (after the initial one)/walks/rehearsals - $40 per hour

Wedding Attendant - Day Of - $75 per hour (2 hour minimum)

  - Rate includes transportation to/from venue within a 10-mile radius

  - Additional mileage (to/from groomers or venue more than 10 miles away) - $.50 per mile

  - Additional dog - $60 per dog

  - Day Care services after the ceremony - $26 per hour

Boarding - $40 per night

  - Additional dog - $20 per night per dog

Still have questions?  Give us a call today!  

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