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Why Hire a Professional Cat Sitter?

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

What difference does it really makes if you hire the neighbor to pet sit versus hiring a professional cat sitter? The responsibility of caring for your cat and your home should not be taken lightly. It should be left in the hands of a vetted, trained professional cat sitter.

The person you bring into your home to cat sit, and to care for your personal property, must be honest, reliable, dependable, mature, organized, and conscientious. You also want someone whom you can count on to accommodate your schedule for work and vacations, as this will provide consistency of care for your pets.

Finding such a person is no easy task if you set out to do it on your own. However, if you connect with a reputable professional cat sitting (pet sitting) business, you'll be much more likely to establish a trusted partnership with a reliable cat sitter.

Questions to Consider when Hiring Professional Cat Sitter

To help you with the process of selecting a cat sitter, ask yourself the following questions:

How committed is your pet sitter to your cat's needs?

Caring for your cat is a professional pet sitter's FIRST priority! It is, after all, their job! A professional pet sitter is under contract and does everything in their power to not let anything interfere with delivery of care for your pet. A hobby pet sitter might cancel on you at the last minute when something more fun or entertaining (like a game, a date, a movie night) comes along.

The professional cat sitter is obligated to work for you as scheduled, unless there's an emergency. And if that happens, they will have a back-up person from the pet sitting company to fill in for them.

A professional cat sitter takes the time to learn how to care for all types of pet personalities. They are committed to keeping your pets relaxed and happy, your home safe and secure.

Does my current pet sitter know how to handle pet emergencies?

Cats can get into mischief--sometimes dangerous mischief. Professional pet sitters are trained and certified in pet first aid and CPR. They pay careful attention to your home environment for hazards that could endanger your cat. Because they are committed to your cat on a regular basis, the professional pet sitter also would be more likely to spot any changes in your pet's behavior and will notify you immediately of any concern. A professional cat sitter will know which vet you use AND will know of the emergency vets are in the area. They will also transport your pet to the vet if needed.

How does your pet sitter ensure the safety of your home?

A professional pet sitter knows that your home's safety is just as important as the wellbeing of your cat. You will rest easy knowing that your house will be securely locked up after each visit. Mail and newspapers will be brought in, lights will be rotated, and trash cans will be brought out/in to give your house a lived-in look.

Other Considerations for Hiring a Cat Sitter

  • Does your pet sitter have a business license to work in your city/county?

  • Is your cat sitter insured to cover accidents that occur while your pet is in their custody and care?

  • Does that insurance include bonding, which protects against theft?

  • Does your cat sitter have a backup in case of a personal emergency?

  • Does your cat sitter have a detailed contract that details the ins and outs of working with them?

  • Do you have a guarantee that the person you have coming into your home and caring for your pets doesn't have a criminal background?

  • Is your sitter a member of any professional pet sitting organizations such as NAPPS?

Kitten Sittin' of Delaware offers all of this and more! To learn more contact us, today!

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