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There's No Roundin' Up Them Cats!

Those lovable, crazy, gotta-mind-of-their own cats inspired a TV commercial, an office catchphrase, and a national holiday: National Cat Herders Day celebrated on December 15! a

You might know the phrase “like herding cats” became an office motto used whenever getting a job done became an exercise in managing chaos or at least multiple (and often uncooperative) moving parts. What you may not know is that, a little over 10 years ago, a company by the name of EDS compared their ability to get a difficult job done to cowboys herding cats: Able to do the job with ease and rugged style. Well, here, take a look for yourself:

Since that video aired, you’ve heard “like herding cats” used in real life and in sitcoms like The Office. Today, people use the phrase to describe not only a difficult work situation, but more positively to give kudos to someone who can lead and handle the unexpected and uncontrollable that life throws our way. It’s also considered a skill workers use when leading a group toward a goal.

Well, that’s not unlike what we do here at Kitten Sittin’ of Delaware! Part of our job description is to herd cats, literally and figuratively!

Kitten Sittin' of Delaware Pet Sitters Manage Cat Mischief!

Our professional pet sitters successfully manage the care of dozens of clients, including many with multiple pets. We’ve met all kinds of cats (and dogs, and birds, oh my!)--not all of whom get along under the same roof and some that get along all too well! You know those pets that almost seem to be conspiring with one another for all the mischief they create!

Well, consider the pet “mischief managed” when you call Kitten Sittin’ of Delaware to care for your pet’s daily needs while you are at work or away from home for a trip. Call us today at 302-304-8399 to schedule your client intake or visit our website to learn more about all that we do for the love pets and their people.

Share your Cat Herding Story!

We’d love to hear about your cat herding experiences! In the comments, post a photo of a crazy cat moment and tell us a few details. We’ll also love to hear about your “cat herding at work” moments, too (and still want to see your kitty pics).

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