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Keep Curious Cats Safe during Halloween

When it comes to your cat’s safety during Halloween, you can never be too careful. A cat’s curious nature is bound to get them into trouble with new and unusual objects around the house, such as decorations, wiring for lights, and candy dishes. If you costume your cat, there are a few things to keep in mind for safety, too. The following tips will help ensure Halloween is “CATastic” for you and your kitty.

Pet Halloween Tip #1: Prevent a Candy CATastrophe

If your cat is a counter surfer or has the freedom to roam anywhere in your house, then you need to keep all candy out of reach, just as you would for a child. Be mindful of places where you think a cat won’t be able to reach: Take a moment to really assess how your cat might use their dexterity and agility to get to that sweet-scented candy dish. Be especially cautious of the following foods, which are toxic and/or a choking hazard for cats and many other pets:

  • Chocolate

  • Candy Corn

  • Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts

  • Macadamia Nuts

  • Hard candies

  • Chewing Gum

  • Raisins

Pet Halloween Tip #2: Less is More for Pet Costumes

Costumes for pets are cute; they are also a hazard for choking, digestive issues, and overheating. When choosing a costume for your pet, look for one that is:

  • Made of breathable fabric

  • Does not cover the entire body

  • Does not have buttons or other parts that can fall off or be chewed off

  • Does not have strings the cat can access

  • Does not restrict movement or breathing

If your cat is showing signs of distress--hissing, pacing or refusal to move, pawing at their body, rapid breathing--then remove the costume immediately.

Never leave your pet alone while it is wearing a costume.

Pet Halloween Tip #3: Keep Kitty Away from Decorations

Bright, bouncing lights, unusual sounds, and intriguing smells may attract your cat to decorative items that are a danger to their wellbeing. Be mindful of where you place and how you secure the following types of Halloween decorations:

  • Candles and candle-lit jack-o-lanterns are standard Halloween decorations, but cats can easily knock them over or burn themselves. A safer option is battery operated candles.

  • Electrical cords are both a chewing hazard and an entanglement hazard. Cats can easily get themselves tangled in wires or may chew on them, risking an electric shock. Opt for decorations that run on batteries, rather than electrical cords. When you must use cords, be sure they have a heavy-duty capsule, are neatly tied, and hidden from areas where your cat likes to spend time.

  • Fog machines pose a risk that many pet owners aren’t familiar with: toxic solution. Keep your cat out of the fumes and away from the machine.

  • Glow sticks are a favorite, especially in households with young kids. However, a cat may mistake the glow stick for a toy. If the glow stick is scented, that may tempt your cat to chew or scratch at the object. The liquid inside the glow sticks can be toxic to your pet.

Pet Halloween Tip #4: Don’t Let Kitty Go to the Door

The big hocus-pocus attraction on Halloween night is who’s coming to the door, right?

When you open your front door, the last nightmare you want to experience is the one in which your cat escapes into the street. Make sure your cat can’t get out: Sequester kitty to another part of your home, preferably in a comfy crate with all their favorite cat treats and toys.

Likewise, don’t take kitty to bonfires and other Halloween events. The crowds, noise, and scents will overwhelm your cat and it will be likely to bolt. There’s no event scarier than losing your cat.

Halloween can be great fun for you and your pet, if you keep their safety and comfort in mind.

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