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How To Choose a Great Cat Groomer in Wilmington, DE

It seems there a pet groomers on every corner--so how do you choose a cat groomer that both you and your cat will love? We did some of the basic research for you, but you'll have to do some legwork of your own find a great cat groomer in Wilmington, DE.

Ask for Recommendations

Grooming your cat keeps both skin and fur healthy. Even though cats do alot of daily grooming on their own, periodically they will need the help of a professional groomer to remove matts, trim nails, and clean ears. Asking other cat owners, your veterinarian, and even checking local groups on social media can point you to groomers who come highly recommended (as well as groomers to avoid). But don't just blindly take a referral. Ask specific questions about a person's experience with a particular groomer.

Check Licensing and Certification

Before you bring your cat to a grooming appointment, be sure to check the groomer’s licensing and certification. In most states, any groomer who works with animals must have licensing. If you can't identify licensing and certification information, don't bring your cat there.

Grooming may look easy; but it is not. It requires specialized training for a variety of breeds of pets, including cats. Some have coarse fur, others fine; some long hair cats are prone to matting; some short hair breeds are prone to skin conditions. You’ll also want to make sure that the groomer has experience with your breed and in the specific types of service that you want performed. After all, most people don't want their cat groomed with a zig-zag pattern shaved into its fur!

Questions to Ask a Potential Cat Groomer

Once you’ve found a few groomers you like, request a time to chat by phone, or even better--in person. You want to pick the groomer you want to work with, but you also want to see if the groomer is the right fit for your cat.

When you meet with the groomer, inquire about:

  • their experience with your breed of cat

  • the range of services they offer

  • pricing

  • how they manage difficult encounters with a pet

if you know your cat is tough to groom, be sure to inform the groomer; don't let them be surprised by a "tough kitty customer". If fact, it's a very good idea to bring your dog or cat to meet the groomer, to see how they interact with one another.

These approaches to finding a cat groomer in the Wilmington, DE area apply to groomers who work in a pet spa, a vet's office, stand alone business, or a mobile grooming service.

Groomed for the Holidays?

If you want your cat groomed for holiday photos, be sure to book an appointment well in advance.

The same applies for pet sitting services...Kitten Sittin' of Delaware has just a few open spots remaining for holiday cat sitting. Gives us call -- 302-304-8399 so that your kitty can remain in their familiar surroundings of home while you travel for holiday festivities or vacation.

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