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Do Cats Have A Sixth Sense?

Perhaps owing to folklore, legend, and ancient history, people have believed that cats have a sixth sense--an uncanny intution, or perhaps "Cat-uition". What is a sixth sense anyway, and is that what cats use to avoid or escape trouble, owing to their so-called nine lives?

Cats, like dogs and humans, have five incredibly good senses. Unlike humans, the primary senses for both cats and dogs are highly attuned. Smell and hearing, in particular, are capable of taking in more information, in much greater detail than humans will ever be able to. What about a sixth sense--aka intuition, gut feeling, or premonition? Does a sixth sense exist for cats?

Recent research on intuition in humans, which some refer to as a sixth sense, indicates that the sixth sense is a culmination of previous experiences and information we've taken in about our environment and circumstances. Simple, the sixth sense draws from the cumulative information gathered by the other five senses to create an enhanced level of awareness or a heightened appreciation of what we've already taken in through the five primary senses.

If you consider that cats have a natural, rather than an uncanny ability to rapidly detect and respond to information in the environment, then you can understand that the cat's "sixth sense" is really an extension of that natural ability--one that we humans do not possess to as great an extent.

A cat's heightened awareness is what allows them to detect, react to, and evade danger. Their quick reflexes are an evolutionary adaptation that is hardwired for their survival. And if that's what we humans label as a cat's sixth sense, well, no cat's going to hiss about that.

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