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Cats, Amore! What are the Most Affectionate Cat Breeds?

In celebration of Valentine’s Day we take a look at cat breeds that are deemed most affectionate.

Affectionate Cat Breeds

We know, “affectionate cat” sounds like an oxymoron, since cats are typically regarded as aloof, independent, and even snooty! Some cat breeds defy that generalization and those are the cats we’ll talk about.

What’s that? Your cat is not one of the breeds listed, but is a real people pleaser…tell us about your affectionate cat in the comments!

How do Scientists Study Affection in Cats?

You might wonder how one measures affection in a cat. Well, there’s not an exact science. Animal behaviorists make these generalizations about breeds based on observation of a cat’s behavior and personality and then assign characteristics to the breed. Data about breed characteristics can come from scientific surveys completed by cat breeders, owners of pet cats, and observational studies done in research labs.

One study found that cats adjust their behavior depending on the quality of the attention being given to them by a person. Are some breeds of cat better at adjusting their behavior? That’s quite likely and it’s an area of ongoing research.

What are the Most Affectionate Cat Breeds?

There are quite a few highly affectionate cat breeds, but we can’t cover all of them in detail. We’ve listed the breeds that come-up most often on “high affection” and chose a few to describe. You can use the resources at the end to learn more about the other breeds on the list.

Oh, one more thing…the breeds are not listed in any particular order.

  • Abyssinian

  • American Shorthair

  • Bombay

  • Birman

  • Burmese

  • Chartreux

  • Ragdoll

  • Ragamuffin

  • Maine coon

  • Persian

  • Siamese

  • Scottish Fold

  • Tonkinese

Active and Affectionate Abyssinian Cat

Life is never boring with an Abyssinian. They enjoy perching in high places from which they can keep an eye on their people. An active breed, the Abyssinian is curious, smart, and playful so don’t expect her to just lounge on the window-sill. The Abyssinian will interact with you, keep an eye on you, and likely follow you about the house. (Note: If you don’t want a climber in the house, the Abyssinian may not be the cat for you).

Beautiful Bombay Cat

The Bombay cat likes to let you know he’s in the room! Considered an extroverted breed, the Bombay cat will wrap his body around our leg, lounge you lap, and stretch out on the table while you’re having your morning coffee. Calm, intelligent, and highly adaptable, the Bombay is a people-driven breed.

The Curious Chartreux Cat

Famous for its presence in French monasteries, the Chartreux cat is a stunning feline. It won’t mind at all having her human massage a hand through her velvety blue coat. These cats are calm and gentle, and also more prone to peering at you for attention (instead of purring), which may be why they were a favorite in the monasteries.The Chartreux will quietly follow you about the house, so keep an eye out for her!

Ragamuffin & Ragdoll Cats - Just Right for a Family

The Ragamuffin cat is a cousin, so to speak of the beloved Ragdoll cat. Cat breeders desired different color patterns and aimed to expand the Ragdoll’s gene pool (breeding ragdoll cats was highly controlled). The Ragamuffin came about from the breeding of Himalyans, Persians, and domestic long-haired cats. If your family doesn’t want a dog, the Ragamuffin is a great option because of her playful, puppy-like personality. They are affectionate, playful, and loyal.

For the Love of Cats in Wilmington, Delaware

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Don’t forget to share your story and pictures about your affectionate cat!

Learn More about Cat Behavior and Personality

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Learn More About the Affectionate Cat Breeds

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