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7 Iconic Cinema Cats & Their Movies

This holiday season warm-up with your kitty and watch the movies that made these seven cinema cats famous--or infamous--as the case may be!

If you happen to have a long holiday weekend following your Thanksgiving celebration, why not get cozy with your kitty to watch a few great films starring some of the most beloved--or feared--cats in recent movie history.

Photo Disney Pictures

A little "Hocus Pocus" for the holidays can be found in the 1993 film featuring the black cat, Thackery Binx. For more black cat magic, follow-up the original with the recently released Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+.

Go back in time...all the way to 1958 for the genre classic Bell, Book, and Candle where a certain blue-eyed kitty named Pyewacket steals many a spell-casting scene as a witch's familiar.

Not all cinematic cats are named. And that's just the case with the mysterious, un-named cat featured in the film Coraline. (The only animated cat on our short list). Creepy understates just how much this film gets under your skin. This wise and witty cat is always ready to lend a clue.

Another unnamed cat takes us back to Ancient Egypt: the heroic cat from The Mummy franchise. Who doesn't love a cat that saves you from the undead!

One astounding film saga, two famous cats: Crookshanks and Mrs. Norris. These two cats from the Harry Potter films both have their fair share of on-screen spotlights. What makes Mrs. Norris, the tabby cat owned by cranky Filch, the school custodian, is the way she skulks around Hogwarts in search of students up-to-no-good.

Creepier the second-time around is the only way to describe Church, the cat brought back from the dead after being laid to not-so-final rest in a cursed burial ground in the film Pet Sematary, adapted from the novel by Stephen King.

It's not too often we remember cats from science fiction films but when that sci-fi flick borders on the horror genre, only one cat tops the list: Jonsey from the movie Alien starring Signorney Weaver. How many cats can say they survived an attack by a deadly, face-smothering xenomorph?

Tell Us About Your Favorite Cinematic Cats

From the stray cat who made movie history in an iconic scene sitting atop Vito's lap in The Godfather to Goose in Captain Marvel there are so many cinematic cats to talk about. In the comments, tell us about your favorite cat from feature films. We'll be sure to add the movies to our kitty's 'must see' list!

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