What can I expect during the initial consultation?

Prior to the consultation; you will need to fill out your profile completely. We will then have all the information we need about your pets allowing us to spend the consultation time getting to know you and your pets. To get started, please click “Sign Me Up” and we will then start your confidential profile and set up your free consultation. We do require proof that your pet(s) are up to date on vaccinations.
We need 2 keys so the sitter can have one and the other kept in a locked file cabinet at the office in case of emergency.

Why do you need two keys?

Having two keys will ensure that we will be there to care for your babies even in the event of an emergency. For example: A key can bend, get stuck or break off in the lock. Your walker may have an illness or emergency. Your walker could accidentally lock themselves out.

Should I tip my care provider?

Gratuity is not required, but it is always appreciated when you choose to recognize the dedication and care that your care provider offers to you, your pet(s) and your home. Tips can be added to your invoice at the time of payment. Gift cards are also a great idea and much appreciated.

Do you always visit at the time that's requested?

We book your visits within a two-hour time frame and will be there during that time. If you are booking a cat visit for the morning and it is during peak times we may schedule the visit for later in the day in order to get to dog visits first, unless you have a cat that needs medicine at a critical time. If time is critical, please let us know.

I'm a new client. How do I sign up for service?

Click on "Sign Me Up and fill out the online form (at the top right of all pages) so we can assign you a username and password to use the online system. We require that you fill out the online client profile. Once completed, we will contact you to schedule our initial in-home consultation.

I an existing client. How do I schedule, change, or cancel services?

The most effective way to schedule services is to go to the top of this page and click on “Existing Client.” You will be prompted to login and can then begin scheduling/modifying services. Once submitted, Weather or Not will add services to our schedule and email you a confirmation for your review. You can also cancel services through the same process and a confirmation of cancellation will be emailed.

Are you paperless?

Yes! We are paperless. All information is stored in our online pet sitting software, Time to Pet. Your care provider can access your profile from a phone app. Using Time to Pet you can request visits, pay your invoices, update your profile and communicate with us. There is nothing in our cars or on our person which would link back to your home.

Why is a consultation needed?

The consultation gives the care provider the opportunity to meet you and your pet(s) as well as learning the house rules. It’s a great time for you to get to know us and ask questions. In addition it gives us an opportunity to clarify any questions we have about your instructions. The initial consultation is free and is required prior to the first service. At the consultation please be prepared to show rabies vaccination records and to provide your sitter with two sets of keys. Ready to get started? Click “Sign Me Up” at the top of this page and we will start your confidential profile and set up your free consultation. Your online profile must be complete prior to the meeting.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation policies vary slightly based on the type of service. Click here to view all policies.

How do I make payment?

Payment is due at the time of service unless otherwise agreed upon (except daily dog walking clients who are sent payment requests every Sunday for that week of service). Payment is completed through Time to Pet.

How much advanced notice do you require to book services?

There is no such thing as booking a service “too early!” We are happy to accept last-minute requests as our schedule can accommodate. There are no additional charges. However, if you aren’t a current client, we must have a consultation prior to any service.

Do you work on holidays?

Absolutely! We work on the holidays so that you can enjoy time with friends and family. Holiday fees may be added to each visit.

What happens during inclement weather?

Your pet’s safety is our top priority. In the event of extreme weather, we may modify the time we spend outdoors and then enjoy indoor playtime for the remainder of the visit. Please be sure to have a towel out so we can clean muddy, wet paws.

What are you doing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Weather or Not appreciates the opportunity to continue serving our clients during this worldwide health crisis. We also want to remind all of our pet parents that we are carefully following CDC guidelines to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. We are practicing social distancing and washing our hands and/or using hand sanitizer before and after each pet sitting/dog walking visit. We understand the need to cancel your upcoming visits. We will be waiving all cancellation fees for reservations cancelled due to the corona virus. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns.

Currently serving the following zip codes: 19703, 19801, 19802, 19803, 19806, 19809, 19810, 19060, 19061.  
Visits outside of these areas will be considered on an individual basis.
Can't find the answer to your question?  Please call 302-304-8399 or click here to email us for more information.